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No data access in Varadaro Cuba

  • 12 February 2024
  • 2 replies

Just got back from Varadaro Cuba. Tried the Easy Roam on my Koodo phone but could not get data. Phone calls worked but I was primarily interested in data. Got home and was charged for 5 days of roaming. Called Koodo and they partially refunded my charges.  So don’t turn on cell services in Varadaro. We used MagicJack over the resort’s wifi for phone calls which worked fine.

2 replies

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Hi @Brian Stevenson 

We are sorry to hear you experienced issues with the services in roaming.

We have checked and all roaming add ons are provisioned to your account.

Did you try to switch to a different carrier while you were in Cuba to see if data was working?

Here are more troubleshooting steps for troubleshooting issues in roaming 


There was only one carrier available in Varadaro and it did not provide data access.