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home internet. why donwe have to reboot our router every few days?

  • 21 January 2024
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Hello, we have to reboot our Koodo wifi router (not the modem) every 3 days or so because all devices loose internet connectivity. All are still connected to wifi but there is not internet access.  
i can’t keep doing that and this never happened with Start communications (who we were with before). 

15 replies

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Hi @Mark87930 

We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the internet.

We recommend to also reboot the modem (https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/article-categories/equipment)

If the issue still persists, please schedule a call back through the virtual assist, so a specialist can further look into it. 

Hi there, I have the same issue: the Koodo wifi router needs a reboot every morning. As recommended I will reboot the modem to see if that fixes the issue.

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And if it does not, please do schedule a callback for further technical support.

How do we schedule a call back?  I’ve done the factory reset (Sunday) and the router is not connecting to internet again.  

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Go here and select “Chat Now” Support Homepage | Koodo Mobile

It may require a few prompts but then you’ll be ale to schedule a callback for technical assistnace. 

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What a joke. “You have to trick our bad ai into letting you talk to someone about your faulty product, it’ll only take a few tries don’t worry.”


 Same issue, have to reset everything single morning. So much for wifi cameras. 

I also experience this, every morning I need restart the modem. This so funny.

I have same issue. It seems like an issue with devices as I had no issue like this when I was with Rogers and considering same line is used for Koodo.

...“You have to trick our bad ai into letting you talk to someone about your faulty product, it’ll only take a few tries don’t worry.”

Actually its worse than that. A mobile master is not an employee, so you’re not even getting a customer service rep to discuss this ridiculous issue, you are getting a volunteer.

It should not be necessary to jump through crazy hoops to resolve widespread issues. I’m not a happy customer. I switched because I was happy with my cell service. I cannot say the of the internet (which is Koodo/Telus outsourced internet to a third party (Altima) who is reseller of Rogers (at least in my area). The fact this is less expensive than independent resellers boggles my mind (two layers, instead of just one for the direct to reseller channel).

I regret deciding to switch thinking a better price and relied on the fact Koodo has been decent cell phone service in making the decision was a bad move. This really hurts the Koodo brand for me.

If they don’t do better (this and the lack of ability to access receipts, which costs me because I can’t get reimbursed for what I can’t show a bill for) ASAP, I’m going to be switching away. And may switch cell service too. I’ve not had a problem so far, but that they’d associate themselves with such a poor internet provider has me concerned about the long term reliability of the cell phone service.

Koodo has reached out to me and clearly understands there have been issues and explained what they are doing to resolve them. I very much appreciate that they took the time to call and am hopeful that thing will be better in the future.

As mentioned here

Koodo has reached out and I am hopeful for resolution.

Just curious why the reboots ? If so do you get internet after?

The problem (which I am no longer experiencing) was that the internet would fail at 3am every day (which is normal for Rogers-based cable internet (that is Rogers owns the wires and distribution points)), but the router would fail to recover from that outage. This required rebooting the router, or logging into the admin interface and doing a ‘disconnect / connect’ cycle on the WAN to get internet back.

As I write elsewhere, the issue has been resolved for me after a network cable replacement and factory resetting both modem and router, and then reconfiguring the way I wanted, once internet was back.

It seems the cable between the modem and router tends to be flaky (IMO it is probably too tightly folded in the box and the cable gets damaged). There also seems to be a firmware issue that is being resolved through an OTA firmware upgrade.


Mine is still not fixed, now going on 2 months and they’ve replaced the router and modem (along with power supplies and network cables).   Ironically, a reboot still works, of either the modem or the router OR if i disconnect/reconnect the network cable from the modem and router, all works fine after that.   I’m likely going to switch back to my old provider as this is not sustainable.  on the phone with them now to see what they can go as a last resort.


I have the same problem for over 2 months now.  The router disconnect on Tue and Thurs around 3am.  i tried the Koodo Assist but it is not capable to help.

How can I have / schedule a call back so a real person can work with me?

I went to Telus/Koodo store and the customer rep know nothing about Koodo internet.