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Help with getting a Mexican Sim card/plan

  • 5 February 2024
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Hello, I am travelling from Canada for 2 months in Mexico. I have a monthly mobile plan with Koodo and Easy International Roaming is enabled. I have been charged $64 already for 4 days for answering phone calls. I can’t afford to be charged $16 a day every time I use some data to connect to the Internet when I am outside of a WiFi zone. For example, when I order an Uber, I have to be connected to WiFi, and this isn’t always possible without using data.

 I am considering buying a Mexican SIM card (Telcel) with an Internet connection and 300 GB of data and free unlimited phone calls within Mexico and North America. What I need most is to be able to order Ubers and make local calls without incurring extra charges. 

My question is what happens to my Koodo plan/service if I do this? Is it simply inactive when the Canadian SIM card is removed? When I return to Canada and replace that SIM card, does my service continue seamlessly? Are there any risks/downfalls to getting the Mexican SIM card and plan? I would greatly appreciate some help understanding how this works.

Thank you! 


1 reply

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Hi @MexNomad 

You might be eligible for the seasonal hold plan, which would allow you to hold your number for up two 12 months and once you return, you can switch back to an in market plan.

You can review the conditions here 

If you want to keep your current plan you can do so. Just take the sim card out to avoid further roaming charges.

The monthly charges for the plan will continue to apply even if you remove the Koodo sim card