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  • 30 November 2022
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I went to greenmobile store to port my Fido number to Koodo. I was told that Porting is done and I just need to put the  koodo SIM once Fido SIM is inactive.I did the same , but Koodo didnt activate the SIM yet.. It has been more than 48 hours (Since Friday 4PM) .My number is still inactive.

I went to store again yesterday, they raised another request and gave me temp number. Now when I called them today , I was asked to wait for another  48 to 72 hours.Everytime I call Koodo customer service , they either transfer the call which gets disconnected after sometime or says it will be activated within 2 hrs.

Such a bad experience. 

Dont know when I will get my number back again.

Can anyone help.

2 replies

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I don't know why a rep told you to your porting is done at the store yesterday.      Also they told you " put the  koodo SIM once Fido SIM is inactive."?  For that you need to repl Fido for porting…

Anyway, this link is explaining how to port your number to Koodo.


I have replied to Fido saying ‘Yes’.My Fido number is not active now.Koodo is saying taht it will take another 48 to 72 hours to make the number active