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'Tell us you've paid this balance' button not working

  • 13 July 2023
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My balance has become overdue by accident, and after paying the bill, a full day has passed without service being restored. I have attempted to use the ‘tell us you’ve paid this balance’ button on multiple devices, multiple connections, waited for up to 20 minutes and it remains stuck on an infinite loading screen. 


The chatbot seemingly has no way to help with this problem, reporting a payment or connecting to a service representative (other than a callback which I cannot receive). 


I have tried calling 611 but the account was originally opened by my Grandma years ago and I don’t know the pin she set so I can’t use this option either. 


Does anyone know how to somehow report that you’ve made a payment to restore service quicker than the 10-21 business days that it says it can take to fully complete the payment processing other than those routes since the self serve system does not work?

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3 replies

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I have flagged a rep so that he report that the button is not working. 

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Hi @tylerwarner874 

Have you tried on a different browser on in incognito mode?

If it doesn’t work, please call #227 from your Koodo phone number, so our payment team can further look into it. 


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@tylerwarner874 in addition to the directions Flo provided, I’m hoping you can help me fix the ‘button issue’ you reported.
Any chance you can share a screen shot of what you’re seeing (hide any personal/account info if necessary), and confirm which page you were trying to do this from? i.e. Overview, Billing, somewhere else?

This would be a huge help in troubleshooting why that step didn’t work for you.