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switching promos

  • 12 February 2024
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I am signed up for the promotional texts. I replied YES to one about 6 months ago and it’s been working fine. I got a better promo a few months ago and replied YES thinking it would replace one with the other, but it didn’t. Now I got an even better promo offer and am really hoping to cancel my current promo in order to receive this one. Any ideas how or if I can do this?

10 replies

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Which promotion was it? Are you a prepaid or post paid customer?

Have you checked your self serve to see if you can removed the previous promotion?


I’m a Prepaid customer, there’s no code for it but it’s for 5GB bonus data per month for 12 months for free as a thank you for being a prepaid customer. I have looked on Self Serve to try and remove the current promotion that’s applied to my account and I can’t see any way to do that.

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Eh, if it is free, keep it. You don't have to remove it. What is the new promo that you received from Koodo?

Oh sorry, the new offer is the one I described. The current promotion that is applied to my account is 1GB for $4/month. It’s not a bad deal but I’d much prefer 5GB for free!

From what I can see on Self Serve, the only way I could change this current promo that’s applied to my account is if I change my base plan, which I don’t want to do.


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For prepaid, generally you can't remove data, booster already applied in your account. It is like that because they charged you everythibg upfront. I don't think you can remove promotion yourself.

Regarding the new promotions, did you receive a text to your number? I wonder if 2 promotion can be stacked.

I get charged the $4 each month for that extra 1GB but I can see that maybe there’s no way to cancel it now. The text message came to my number, yes. It did specify that it will not stack with other data bonus offers. I’m just getting frustrated that I keep getting better and better offers that I cannot accept!

8 months ago: offered 1GB/month for $18…

6 months ago: offered 1GB/month for $4 for 12 months… accepted

3 months ago: offered 2GB/month (for free, I assume, not clarified)… accepted but not applied

this week: offered 5GB FREE data for 12 months...PLEASE LET ME HAVE THE FREE DATA lol

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If that was the case, you will need a rep to assist. You could schedule a call back from a prepaid rep www.koodo.com/prepaidchat and ask Koodo about it.


Thanks. I will accept the offer today since this is the last day and have a callback scheduled tomorrow to see if anything can be done. Should have scheduled this a few days ago but that’s the way it goes.