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incorrect data balace right after new month refresh

Prepaid subscription with auto renewal, getting 250mb free data. 
A new month renewed today and right away more than 100mb was already used in the balance. Usage history doesn’t show anything. 

is this an error?

How to fix it?


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If you look at your phone’s data usage counter, does it show any data usage for today?


I didn’t reset the statistics so not accurate but it shows only a few MB difference at most. 

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Does the data balance line up with how much data was used at the end of the previous month?

It seems more than used. But does it matter? I used up the previous month and continued to use add on. 

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Is this your first month with the 250MB  for auto renewal?

No, I have been using for the last hew years. 

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You will need to request a callback and speak with a rep to investigate.  I would track things with your data usage counter in your phone settings.  Or you can download a better data tracking app on the app store.



The rep will likely that it was data you used, and with no proof to the contrary, it may be difficult to get traction on this.

Thanks all for the input. A callback was scheduled now.