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upgrading to a new plan while running out of data

  • 19 September 2022
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Hey so I had the 10gb for $60 and I consumed it all 10 days before my bill cycle, so I upgraded to the 20gb for $60 because there was an offer. I have been using data since but my usage is 0. How is this? Am i being charged extra for each mb? Or will I be charged for the next one?


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2 replies

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Not sure why your usage is showing as zero, but your data gets prorated. You’re looking at 10GB (20/30 days) + 20GB(10/30) days = 6.66 + 6.66 = 13.33GB. You’d have to make sure that you got shock free data enabled in self-serve to have data stop again at your data limit. Then if you get the text, and say yes to continue usage, then you’ll be charged 13 dollars per 100MB or there are data add-ons you can opt for with a much lower per GB charge, unless those got removed as options. 

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Hi there, @Stevee19   We have looked into your account and everything seems to be functional. We can clearly see that you have changed your plan to the $60 20GB plan. Due to proration, you have 12 GB left to use for the remaining of your billing cycle. 

Also, you have not been charged any extra usage fees, besides the $10 3GB add-on that you added yesterday. If you don’t wish to keep that add-on, you can remove it in your self serve at any time. 

Please let us know if you have any issues with your DATA.