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transfer sim card pincode

I just received a new SIM card. I was told I need to log in my koodo account and deactivate my old SIM card and activate my new SIM card pin code online. How do I do this ??


Best answer by Dennis 26 May 2023, 17:23

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Is your old sim card lost or not working?

Yes, my old SIM card is lost , I have a new SIM card. I tried to change it on the self serve but I am not receiving the email pincode to activate my new SIM card 


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Have you checked your junk/spam folder to see if any email was accidentally put there?

As well, I assumed you didn't report the SIM card was lost in self-serve?

Yes I can't find it any where in my email and no I did not . I try deactivating to see if it would work after. It did not. So I reactivated my old SIM and it still didn't work for the new SIM card

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Let me flag a rep for you to look into this

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Hi @Nicholas A Green 


That’s odd! 


We have sent you a PM, so we can further check things out, please check your inbox when you get the chance. 

I am having this same issue, can’t receive a code to my email and checked all folders please help

Same issue here as well.  Not receiving code to my email.  Can someone please assist?