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  • 28 February 2024
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Last week I tried to add stream+ premium to my account. First i had to cancel my existing stream+ and my amazon prime. Then after trying to do add stream+ premium thru self serve I got an error message saying to schedule a call back. After being bumped through multiple levels of support, this still has not been fixed. If I try to add it I now get a message saying I already have it, but it doesn't show up in my subscriptions. One of the support people said they would give me 3 months of Amazon prime well this issue is being sorted out. I can see that in my account but there is no activate button so I can't actually use it.

So after a week, I have lost access to Netflix and Amazon prime and am pretty much being ignored by Koodo. Been since late last week since any one let me know what was going on. Super frustrated.

Has anyone successfully signed up for stream+ premium?

Had to choose "plans and add-ons" for a sub forum even though I have been told repeatedly that stream+ premium isn't an add-on and is a subscription. 

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6 replies

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@Mgillis We are looking on your situation. We see hundreds of people successfully signing up for Stream+.  I can tell exactly why but your order is caught in between ordering and provisioning.  I asked the team and see if they see the cause and the solution, which at this point would simply be removing the “stuck” order. As soon as I hear back on what they found we will let you know here. I understand this is frustrating and appreciate your patience why we try to fix your account.

That is a none answer.

First, I referred to stream+ premium, not stream+, as there is a big difference in them, ie subscription vs add on.


Second, I have been told that the stuck order has been removed already. As soon as that didn't work, there was no further follow up. 


Third, you didn't address the missing activation button for my Amazon prime. 

Super frustrating. Can't get anyone to actually fix this.

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@Mgillis We know what you referred as we can see it on your account. You have multiple accounts, to be clear, you had the old version of Stream+ (Netflix, Apple TV, discovery+) which is soon to be retired.  This was typically added to your regular invoice.

The new Stream+ has 2 versions one with and one without ads. They are both referred to as ‘subscription’ type as the charges appear on your credit card and is available to anyone even non Koodo customers. The benefit for you being a Koodo customer is the extra $5 off a total of 37% savings.

We have identified the root-cause, it has to do with multiple accounts with the same emails address (a corner case but still an issue) and for some reason it put your order in a limbo. Team is working on manually removing it which sound simple but in reality is lot more complex. 

As far as your Amazon promo that was put on the line with the Canada-US plan back in January:


If we understand correctly you are saying you have never been able to access it?

For the Amazon prime, that was removed last week because the stream+ premium includes it. As soon as it was removed, i lost access to amazon prime. But then one of the support agents added it back in as i need access to it. When it was added back there us no activate button and as far as Amazon is concerned, I do not have prime. So it shows I have it but I don't actually have it.

Yes, I have multiple accounts but I am sure I am not the only person with multiple accounts so that is a koodo issue. And if it is so clear, why has it taken over a week and nothing had been done to fix my issue.

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Hi there @Mgillis   We have looked into your account, We have removed and readded it, checked the backened and you should now be able to activate amazon prime. 

As for the Stream + premium issue that you mentioned, rest assured that the team is working on it to have a fix for you as sooon as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding. 


Is there any update? I am now at 10 working days since first contact with technical support. Would like to get this sorted out.