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Plan Change

  • 23 May 2023
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I have been a long time customer with 4 phones, and would like to switch to the $39. plan but it is for new customers I think. I would like to get the best deal for me without having to switch providers.  I am very happy with the service but would like to get the best deal for being a good customer not for being new. Can I actually talk to someone on the phone to discuss this and resolve my issue. 

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2 replies

You have to connect to their virtual assistant on the koodo website or call 1 (866) 995-6636 and try to get a callback to your cell number. The system is geared to try to get you to find your answers online, so you have to persist in finding a way to ask for a callback. If successful you will the be given a choice to request time for the callback. To  get the best deal you have to talk to a real Customer Loyalty Agent instead of a regular customer service agent when you get the callback.

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CarCrazy is correct.

You can schedule a callback via KoodoAssist