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Pay per use for multi-media

  • 21 September 2022
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I’m considering switching to Koodo from FIDO and the plan ($60/month for 20G) says on the website description that “Pay-per-use rates apply for multimedia (picture and video) messages. Excludes premium and subscription-based messages.” What does that refer to?


Best answer by Allan M 21 September 2022, 23:16

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2 replies

Specifically, I’m asking if I’ll be charged for sending or receiving a picture or video on my iPhone 11 using the text message app, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. I would think that a $60/month plan with 20G of data would include all that and just use up data from the 20G as needed. I’m trying to switch from FIDO and save the $50 fee by not going into a Koodo store. Help! 

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The nitty gritty is listed in a way that it has a statement beside a number like you’d see in a list of references. That specific statement only applies to the $15 starter plan where the little “10” is displayed beside the multimedia description for it.

For the $60 plan you’d be fine.