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Oustanding Order, can't add perks

  • 8 September 2023
  • 6 replies

I also have this problem and can’t add a perk.  What’s the solution?  I need some help.

6 replies

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What do you meant by “outstanding order”?are you a new customer who is ordering a new phone and plan?

I am trying to add a perk to my plan, as entitled by my plan and every time I click on add perk, this comes up:


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@Kraz  Hmm that’s odd. Which perk are you trying to add and to which number. Only provide the last 3 or 4 digits please. 


3999 is the number I’m trying to add the perk to and the perk is Unlimited International SMS

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@Kraz  Its a msall known issue, we will submit a request for it to be applied for you.
Before we proceed, we just want to make sure of what you want. Do you want to change the current “Rollover data perk” with the “Unlimited International SMS” or you want to leave the Rollover data and add the Unltd Int. SMS for $3 on top?

I want remove the rollover data and change it to Unlimited International SMS”. Thanks