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Data- Need for One Day

  • 27 February 2024
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Good morning/afternoon/evening! 

Hopefully this message finds whoever is on the other of this screen well. :) 

I’m just reaching out because I have had data blocked on my account- I switched to a dumb phone a couple of years ago and for some reason I received a message stating I had used over 90% of my data in 3 days despite having a phone that does not have apps or a web browser. 

However, I will be needing to use Uber on another device I am being lent with my current SIM card for one day. 

Is there any way I might be able to use data tomorrow (still in February) if I remove my data block today (February 27th)? 

Please let me know! 


Kind regards, 


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8 replies

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If you login into your self serve, you can go see your add-ons on your Plans page.  From here you can manage your add-ons and remove the data block add-on.


If you do this, you need to make sure you have a plan that comes with data, otherwise data costs be quite high.  Does your current plan have data?

Also note that if you use a smart phone with your sim, the phone’s other apps can also use data in the background.

Thanks, Dennis! 

My new dumb phone has no apps- it literally just does calls and texts. 

I’m using someone else’s phone for a day! If I turn data back on, will the data work on that phone tomorrow or will it only work at the beginning of my next bill cycle? 

That’s the question, I think. 

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If you remove the data block add-on then data should work within a few minutes.  You may need to restart the phone to get the data kickstarted. 

In most cases once you enter the koodo into the smart phone the APN address (used to connect to data on the Koodo network) should be auto-populated.  But if it is not, you may need to enter or modify it manually



What plan do you currently have and how much data does the plan include?

Hi, Dennis! 

Thanks for the info!!!! That really helps! 

I have the 35$ plan currently with 250KB of data. 

You rock! Thank you! 

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That 250kb data is nothing. Does your plan say what your pay per use data rate is?

Is it $13 per 100MB?


$35 is an expensive plan to have no data.  You may want to see if there is a better plan out there for you to fit your needs

I believe the plan details are as follows; 

Your current plan



per month


  • 911 Government Fee
  • Data 250KB $0 SFD
  • Canadian LD Rate
  • PPU Call Forward Toll
  • CAN-MEX LD @ $0.60/min
  • CAN LD PayPerUse Access
  • Unlimited SMS and MMS
  • Unlimited Canadian LD
  • BlackBerry APN Access
  • Free incoming roaming SMS
  • Additional data $13/100MB SFD
  • Text Messaging Services
  • Koodo Data & SMS Rates
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Yes it is $13/100MB.

Expect for the 1 day of usage to cost you at least $13 worth of data

Got it! Thanks :)