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Any Promotions For New Clients?!

  • 23 April 2022
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I was talking to a TELUS representative about moving to Koodo to reduce my monthly bill.  He was prepared to move me to the Koodo equivalent plan I was on $55/Month and 10 GB with a -$15/month bill credit but fell ill literally the next day with COVID 19.  He’s back to work now and I wanted to continue where we left off but said the promotion is no longer available.  I only have the quote in writing because computer systems were down.

Does anyone know of any current or future promotions?  The only one offered to me was a one time $50 bill credit - which will cover the new activation fee.

I’m all for the self service, low frills, flanker brands like Koodo but I’m having trouble talking to a human being to ask to honor the quote I was given.  The issue is because I don’t have a Koodo account (not a customer yet) so I can’t login to schedule a call back.

TLDR; Does anybody of any promotions for new account activations or any future promotions (I can wait) or a way I can talk to a customer service representative?!


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Unfortunately if a promotion has since expired there’s no way to obtain it anymore.

Currently you’d be looking at $55 for 8GB and you could save the connection fee if you placed the order online.

As for future promotions, as a general guideline you’ll see sales at the end of every quarter (March, June, Sept, Dec), and then during the big sale periods (Black Friday, Back to School, Boxing Day, etc). 

As well, I noticed you said that you can’t schedule a callback because you aren’t a Koodo client. Did the virtual assistant stop you or what lead you to that? You should be able to schedule a callback no problem but if the wording or something seemed to make you think otherwise I’ll flag it to someone to look into😊

Thanks for everyone who has viewed and commented!  I was able to receive a call back - a separate, not so fun experience (being hung up on, apologies, offered to call back right away and never did).  Very disappointing.

Follow up to my original question for anyone.  I have a quote from my TELUS rep that shows the breakdown of the -$15/month bill credit before he got sick.  Talking to a Koodo representative this morning on call back #2 she informed me that this was not good enough - what more do I need as proof that my TELUS representative offered me a bill credit and a new activation credit for this to be honored?

My second question is that Allan M (thanks for the reply!) responded with a current $55 8 GB plan which is less than I was offered ($55 for 10GB plan) in store.  I feel there is a disconnect somewhere.  Is it better to deal with Koodo online or in a brick and mortar store?  Directly with dedicated Koodo employees or TELUS?!  I want to compare apples to apples.

I will keep my eye out for sales at the end of every quarter that was suggested and the traditional Black Friday, Boxing Day, etc.  The reason for this post is that I feel that I missed out on a good opportunity to switch from TELUS to Koodo for reasons beyond my control.  What good is a quote if it won’t be honored?!  Yikes...

Have a good day everybody!

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The onus would be on the sales person who quoted you. You can see if you can address it with their manager, but there is no guarantee