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Not honoring the Referral Friend and Not answering any email

  • 6 February 2024
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There is no live chat or customer service, need to give here a try. I have been trying to communicate with Koodo Refer a Friend at the email koodomobile@support.sparkrefer.com for over 2 weeks. Request submitted on Jan. 23 via https://buyapowa-embedded-koodo.herokuapp.com/common/contact, nothing happened but auto replies. All they keep saying is they are investigating and will contact me after. On website, it said 3 business days but that’s a straight lie.

Pretty sure I follow the steps and activated on Nov 23, and finished the last step, received with an email titled “Your $25 Refer-a-Friend credit is pending approval” without any further follow-up email.

I have a feeling they just dont care at all? See many people have the same situation, have to say the experience is really bad. Wondering if there is anywhere I can escalate this issue further to someone senior but not directly to CCTS? Feel it is wasting my time to fight with them and they do not care anyway.

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5 replies

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Are you the refer-er or refer-ee?

When was the refer a friend completed by the refer-ee?

Are you both not getting the credit or just you?

I am the refer-ee. It was completed on Nov 23. Both of us not getting it.

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Did you change your number or port in your number on Nov.23 or later?

When did you sign up?

I ported in on Nov 23, after I ported in, I went back home and finalized the last step. That’s it...

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Hi @Jet_Z 

We’d need to confirm some more details so we can further assist.

We have just sent you a PM, please check it out when you get the chance, thanks!