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is there an internet outage in the Brampton area?

  • 1 February 2024
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I have no internet service this morning. 
I am using my cell phone to report this using cell data. 
your website is all mobility focused with no real indication that you offer internet services at all. 
it would be nice to have an internet status page like other providers and a dedicated portal for internet users. 
I don’t even know what all of my contact options are. 

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2 replies

I restarted my modem and service is back. However my original concerns about access to information or assistance remain. 

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@Marrken Appreciate the feedback! We can always do better for sure! Looking at reports for your area we are not seeing any interruptions. Based on your update your hardware seem to have disconnected for some reason. Was this the first incident or happened before?

In terms of access “information or assistance” we are a predominantly digital brand all of our supports starts online. I totally get how this may sound farcical given that you are having trouble with your internet connection. We did take this into consideration at the time we designed this experience, the feedback from our customers was that they all have access to a mobile device and can still get help.


If content on our help page doesn’t resolve a concern customers can engage with our virtual assistant and setup a callback.  Normally within a few minutes a rep would call you and provide assistance. I hope the above is helpful.