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Is Koodo Home Internet in Ontario LTE?

  • 5 February 2024
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Where I am located all I can get is Xplornet. Cable/Fibre is not available here. Is Koodo’s internet in Ontario LTE (cellular connection)? The website says the internet is available in my area but I want to confirm the type of internet that it is as I have had other company websites say their internet is in my area when it is not. Sorry if this post is confusing LOL. I am in Foxboro btw if that helps at all

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1 reply

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@sikkacyanide First of all, one best cups of coffee I had was at the Fork on the Road during a road trip last year.😀

Did you enter you address on the site and it came back as available? If yes, there should really be no reason, that I know of, for it not to be true.  Our internet service is not via the cellular network at this point. We will double check availability for your address though. If you have an account with us (for you cellphone) and the address is on that we can ask the back office and let you know. Does that help?