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Google Pixel 6a

  • 20 November 2022
  • 3 replies

Koodo just came out with the Google pixel 6a as a free phone while I still pay 10 dollars a month for the next 2 years . I would much rather have a free phone but I've had the phone now for 2 months. Is there any way I can still get this deal?

Also, why is the new Google Pixel 7 9 dollars a month too? I should've just waited to get a new phone 🥺

3 replies

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If it's already passed 2 months, then it passed 15days,30 days period. So they can't give you this deal.

Promotion is coming and go. They are having Black Friday sales. That's why you see some great deals.

If you want to take advantage of this deal, then you can pay off your current Tab balance and pay back Tab bonus.  Then buy a new one with the promotion price.

You can sell your current phone or use their Trade in system ( you don't get much value tho) to supply the cost .

Is it both the tab balance and bonus that I have to pay?

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Is it both the tab balance and bonus that I have to pay?

Correct.  You need to pay off your Tab balance plus Tab bonus.