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How do prepaid plans work ?

  • 22 October 2021
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I’m new to prepaid plans and just activated one (Oct 21) for talk only (100 min). On the account it says Payment Due: Nov 20, 2021. I assumed prepaid plans mean you pay for the service that you need only when you need it, this due date seems like I have to pay every month just like on contract/postpaid plan.

Do I need to pay every 30 days even if my minutes have not been used up ?

Can I top up only when I have no minutes left past the 30 initial days ?

What happens on day 31 if I don’t top up ? Do I loose my left over minutes ?

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6 replies

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You need to top up every 30 days to keep your plan active. If you don't, you can't use your plan and after 90 days your account and number will expire, plus boosters if you purchased any.

Thanks Sophia. I wish I would’ve done more research before I bought the prepaid phone, sigh.

Do unused minutes roll over?

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Not the 100 minutes that are included, but any boosters do, both minutes and data.

Unless you really only needed prepaid for emergency calling, it's pretty good actually so don't worry too much ☺️ (though I personally prefer Public Mobile, since it's cheaper and offers more).

That’s the thing we only needed a phone for emergencies in a sense. It’s for a young colleague that doesn’t have a phone, it’s only meant to locate him or instruct him where to meet.

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Right, in that case you’re probably better off with a prepaid plan like 7/11 Speakout. That’s only $25 for the entire year, but of course it doesn’t have any minutes or data included.

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That’s how Koodo’s prepaid work. There’s other carriers that do offer somekind of plan that you’re looking for.