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Make a plan where you can choose your options and make a plan perfect for you. (price each option.)

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Interesting idea but I think it's been suggested before. Koodo kind of already had that before. Originally the Canada-wide plans were $15, $20, $25, $35, and $45 with no CD/VM or unlimited text. You could add unlimited texts and CD/VM for $10 and then fixed Data or the Data saver add-on, if you wanted... Or go with the old Canada-wide Data plan that gave you almost everything you needed for $50. Then, they increased the price of all the plans by $5 but threw in CD/VM. So now all you needed was an extra $5 for unlimited text and then either fixed amounts of data or the data saver add-on. Canada-wide Data plan for $50 wasn't doing too well so they scrapped it sometime in the summer when they changed the data tiers, explained in the next section. Koodo then removed fixed data amounts and changed the data saver option: they opted for a 2-tier strategy, lightweight and heavyweight. On the heavyweight tier, usage from 1 GB to 3 GB was $30 and each additional GB after that was $10, which is a pretty good rate for heavy users. Then, for Q4 (approximately), they reduced the minutes in all the plans and the prices by $5 to $2 but they threw in unlimited messages, too. So now there's not much you can really customize unless you want BBM on your Blackberry. However, data saver light and heavy are no longer eligible with these plans. They instead opted to go back to their old Data saver tier and they've included it with all of the rate plans, which is detrimental to heavy users and is not optional unless you do a data block. Or... you go on of their promo plans, which are nice, but not flexible. For those users who go above 2GB, it now costs them a lot more money if they switch to the $56 promo because it's a standard overage rate of 2cents/MB.
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But that means every time a Koodo customer wants to get a plan/change their plan, they would have to customize everything and it would be much more complicated than just having, "Oh, I can see you have the $30 Promotional Plan" instead of having a customized plan which would be like, "Yes, you have this and this and this and this". Many of the plans reach out towards different customers like light users, medium users and heavy users. Choose the appropriate one for you.
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That's what Koodo sort of had going on when they first launch (I remember the talk and text combo was a $20 base plan plus $5 add-on for texting). But now I think that would be too difficult because I think the pricing would be too difficult for specific features. And that's what prepaid is pretty much like. Pick what you want. Also, the promotional plans right now definitely have more value than any "custom" plan you could have possibly made
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Ahmad wrote:

That's what Koodo sort of had going on when they first launch (I remember the talk and text combo...

I agree with Ahmad the plans right now are a great value & I think they cover every level of user quite well. I was paying alot more when I had to pick different addons to add to my basic plan. I'm paying less and getting more than I ever have with the plans they are offering at the moment. - KID ANDROID. ( Team.Android.Canada)
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Hey Ruthie, as everyone already mentioned we had something very similiar when we first launched. To keep things simple we moved to ready made, value packed plans that take care of data, text and voice. Choose a plan that's right you, as your needs change feel free to change to another one 🙂 Take a moment to view our plans if you haven't already: http://koo.do/qqOCIX.