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Will Koodo repair a Telus phone?

I have a manufacturer's defect in my Telus-locked Nokia Lumia 830. I purchased the phone via a classifieds ad and knew that the Koodo SIM would work. The camera recently stopped working, and I would rather not send it off to Microsoft directly because that leaves me with no phone at all.
The phone is listed as registered to my account on self-serve (at least, when I go to the "upgrade phone" page it lists my current phone as Lumia 830).
Will Koodo send this phone off to repair and let me use a loaner? It is still in warranty and I have the original receipt.

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In general warranties aren't transferable on these devices however you could try. If you're looking to pay for the repair yourself then you could just make arrangements with MS to send it in. But you'll likely not get a loaner. Perhaps the previous owner could send it in for you?
Take to any phone repair shop locally.  They can fix it or send it off, most of them have extra phones laying around (can't be fussy) that you can slap your Koodo SIM card in.  But if you wanted the manufacturer to pay for the repairs (warranty work) then you have to send it in yourself and you will not receive a temporary phone.
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I would do as Chad said and go through microsoft. I've heard amazing stories of microsoft completely replacing a damaged device under their manufacturer's warranty. Give it a shot, theres not much bad that can happen out of this. 
I went to a Koodo store and was told they can't offer me any repair services (and the accompanying loaner phone) because I did not purchase it through them. Telus will not repair it because I am not a subscriber, and even if I purchased a pay-as-you-go SIM, they cannot register my phone to the account, thus I would be on the hook for any repairs.
I'm stuck going through Microsoft, buying a SIM adapter to use my very old phone and deal with that POS for a few weeks while my phone is repaired or replaced.
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Jacob Nederend wrote:

I went to a Koodo store and was told they can't offer me any repair services (and the accompanyin...

Telus should honor your warranty even if you're not a subscriber. As long as you have the receipt. Try giving telus a call and speak to a rep instead of visiting a kiosk.