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When can we expect to get the Amber update for my Nokia 520 phone ?

  • 19 September 2013
  • 8 replies

I have seen the Nokia 620 phone that my brother owns albeit it is with Telus get his Amber update . When will KooDo offer this update for the Nokia 520 ? Will unlocking the phone allow for faster updates that are pending approval from KooDo ?

8 replies

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Update status has changed from "waiting for approval" as above to "coming soon" Can't wait!! 🙂
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Hurray...status just turned to "available" for all carriers in Canada for the Lumia 520! 🙂 Wondering when the message to update will pop up.
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Successfully updated to Amber on my 520. 😃
Yes I have amber update completed as well.
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Radio works good and phone feels a bit faster with apps and operations. Too bad the 520's don't get the glance screen. 😞
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Confirmed. The Amber update successfully installed on my Lumia 520. I like the Data Sense option that monitors data usage (mobile or Wi-Fi). FM radio another cool feature. Moving between apps and pages, the Lumia 520 feels a little more responsive. I may have missed this feature from the last OS version, but I see an option to add both an internet and mms apn. Overall, the upgrade was easy to install, took about twenty five minutes to complete.
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I noticed the WWAN indicateor has changed from H/H+ to 4G. I like the flip over to silence a call feature as well Looking forward to GDR3 now.
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Yeah it's definitely a nice update, for anyone about to do it it appears to hang at 100% preparing the update for quite some time. Just be patient it eventually reboots and installs, but I think I stared at it sitting at 100% for like 10 mins.