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What is the best plan for me ?

Hello thanks for reading, I have had luck with apple in the past but I see that the andriod phones are more readily availble. My budget isnt an issue on koodo tab. I am looking at the
Samsung Galaxy A5 any suggestions ??? I want to use wifi an go for atleast 750 minutes. But also my father has a long distance number.. again no idea where to turn for a good plan

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Your phone should not affect the plan you get as long as you stay away from the Tab plus (it's not a good deal). Other wise here are your plan choices: https://www.koodomobile.com/rate-plans
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Sounds like the $50 Canada Wide plan is your best fit.
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Good morning MacMurty! When you say that your father has a long distance number, is it outside of your province or outside Canada? If it is a U.S number, keep in mind that Koodo offers a great add-on to have unlimited calls to U.S for $10/month. For more info:  http://koo.do/JALDeg Have a great weekend!