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Voice mail display

  • 25 October 2013
  • 5 replies

I recently acquired a Nokia Lumia 520 from Koodo. When I try to recover my voice mail messages, I am able to go to the voice mail screen, but the display screen goes blank, but the audio continues. How do I keep the display screen on?

5 replies

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You can't. Visual Voicemail is only for iPhones on Koodo.
I had a similar issue with my Nokia Lumia 800 and was able to see the screen again by pressing the back button at the bottom and click on the call to see the call screen. After I updated to the latest firmware, I no longer had that issue, you might want to try that.
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Myke was right. Visual Voicemail is only supported on iPhones. So, updating your phone to the latest firmware will bring new features, but issue will persist. Hopefully they will bring this feature to all type of phones.
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I don't think he's talking about visual voicemail. It sounds like the screen is shutting off.
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Timos right it's exactly what he's talking about. Do you have a screen protector on the device? I've seen that sometimes cause issues with the proximity sensor especially if there's dust or anything under the protector at the top of the screen.