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That would be great to see the last Lumia phone release by Microsoft on windows 10 in the Koodo lineup.

Mostly, all is in the title. Microsoft has show yesterday their last product on windows 10 they will launch soon (Lumia 950 and 950XL) and that would be so great to see them sell by Koodo to have more option (and not only android and iPhone). There have been lot of request for windows phone in the past, don't forget a part of your customer who asked for windows phone flagship!!

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I agree, i would love to see that phone at koodo!!!

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Windows Phones don't sell. I would like to see more of them but every time they try to put one on the lineup, it gets discounted quickly or pulled months later because of low sales. I'm excited to see the future of Windows, especially with continuum and these high spec'd phones, but only if the app support is better. The app gap has gotten smaller lately but there are still some important ones missing and the development/features of Windows Phone apps pales in comparison to iOS or Android.
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Another hurdle they will have is the retail price of the 950 and 950xl. Especially with subsidies gone, not sure who would pay the extra 15$ a month on top of paying a bit for the phone. I do wish they'd priced it lower. My opinion only of course. Time will tell.
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I don't think any canadian providers are getting them.
They're kinda neat. I'd love to play with one for a bit.
BUt that's about it in my opinion.
Hello everyone!

Thanks for your answers. The fact is right when you said that won't probably be the phones that will sell the best in Koodo offers. But as far as I remember, Koodo never had a flagship windows phone in their line-up and so, for my part, I never bought a phone from them as, I admit, like very much the windows phone layout. It is right that some important apps missing (for some people) and some services don't provide an official one (but some of the third parties one are greater than the official one on the others platforms). It is just a matter of letting the customer having some choice.
In the price point, but for flagships they are not that high and Koodo could make some nice offer like they do with LG G4, Samsung Galaxy edge family, and iPhone. With what the Windows phone (well mobile now), I think some people could begin to be interested to try them and see how that could work closely with their Windows PC.

Yeah Mitchell I just see that on another tech info website. That could be a good opportunity from Koodo to have at least one ;o) - yeah I dream, I know.