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Text, Incoming & Outging, Suddenly Stopped Working/Displaying- Help!

  • 10 January 2014
  • 2 replies

My Nokia 520 suddenly stopped displaying my sent text messages, and the only way I have been able to view incoming texts, is the fist line on my home screen. As soon as I go into view the thread, nothing new is there. Apparently the person on the other end is seeing my sent messages, but on my end, nothing is registering. What could cause this? I just purchased the 1,000 airtime minutes about 10-15 minutes before this happened, is it unrelated? I've had the phone for over 2 weeks now and it was working fine. Except I have been unable to receive pictures texts. But I do not have cellular data, does one have to do with the other? What do I do? I tried taking out battery and SIM card for a minute, same. If someone can advise me one this, I will be eternally grateful! Thank you!

2 replies

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I'm not an expert on Windows devices so kind of guessing here but try deleting the text messages you have and see if it's a storage issue. If that doesn't solve the issue you might want to call tech support and run through your issue with them.
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Well that is a odd one and never had the issue myself. from searching around it maybe due to the date/time being incorrect. Try going into settings→date+time→ and ensure it is correct. Since you don't have data you shouldn't have it set to automatic and set it manually. if this is the issue it will not fix your messages already sent but should fix new ones. And as for picture messages they do need data to be sent or received.