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Helloo! I have been using Koodo for the past two years and over now.. I recently moved to Norway and was out of Canada travelling past two months. Also, I bought my current phone from Koodo with the tab payments coming out every month. I have been trying to get in touch with a Customer Service Rep for the past few weeks and also sent an email for which I'm still waiting to be responded.. On Koodo self serve, I approved to pay the rest of the balance in full along with my next billing. However, as my phone is currently locked (Correct me if I'm wrong!), I'm unable to use my Norwegian SIM card that I bought a month ago. My first question is Is there a way to pay my tab balance in full prior to my billing cycle so I don't have to wait another two weeks?! Secondly, If not, Will my phone be unlocked automatically once the payment goes through next billing cycle OR should I contact the CSR?! Thirdly, Can I temporarily deactivate my number until say a year and a half and reactivate it after?! Just cuz, I'd like to keep my current Canadian number and be able to use it when I'm back to Canada. Fourthly, how can I stop my monthly payments so that I don't pay for the minutes unused?! Lastly, sorry to bombard you with questions! Thank you!

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Hello Punya. There's absolutely no worries with all the questions. You know you can unlock your phone without paying your full tab. You would just need to call CSR if it's an iPhone. If not, you can do it manually on self serve. Only iPhones need you tk call in. Also if you want to keep your number, the only option would be paying 15$ per month for a seasonal hold. You would need to call in to do that. You could use Skype for free when calling a toll free number.
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Robert wrote:

Hello Punya. There's absolutely no worries with all the questions. You know you can unloc...

I understand seasonal hold is for a maximum of six months. If it is important to hold the number, you could port it to: Koodo prepaid for $15 / month Telus prepaid for $100 / year 7-eleven Speakout $25 / year (aporox) A VoIP service for $0.85 / month, and still allow your Canadian friends to call your Canadian number, while you answer with your Norwegian one. You can pay your Tab (and bill) off any time simply by asking it be paid out. The amount owing will be put on your next bill. You can cancel your plan at the same time, unless you decide to port the number. If porting, the new company you go to will cancel your Koodo plan, and you will be sent a bill.