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Syncing Outlook via Bluetooth with Nokia Lumia 520

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Not worried about email, and from the sounds of it still deals with my info being online and need...I am going to look into what youy suggested above. In theory I think this is all this software does really, as you dont install anythinmg on the phone, while another program, companion Link you had to install software on your phone so it could syns calendar, notes and tasks. Wont hurt to try, all I do on my phone is add an email account with the IP of my laptop. Save me some money and learn something in the process More reading though and it seems no one can sync Notes from Outlook at all. You have to use the OneNote program and use the cloud, and it bypasses Outlook altogether. Which is werid, they are all Microsfot products
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Not worried about email, and from the sounds of it still deals with my info being online and need...Yeah notes might be a little tricky, I don't think their is a universally adopted protocol for notes that has been adopted like their is for calendar and contacts. You could always use a third party application like evernote, i suspect you might be able to find a workaround to sync that via outlook, but I've never explored something like that...
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Not worried about email, and from the sounds of it still deals with my info being online and need...While I like the phone, they have taken simple things and made them complicated. I will try the One Note and see how to make it work, or others if they are available.
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If anyone has been following or has this phone, AKruto Sync now offers support for notes. I paid for the full version, only $20, and its works flawlessly. I can now sync without the cloud, and used the W8 mobile calendar and tasks. There is an app called Basic Notes by AKruto you install that syncs the same as everything else. If you are looking for a non cloud way to sync, and not use One Note (from what I read is a major pain in the ass) this is the perfect way.
It's been a couple years now ... are you more comfortable with the term "cloud"?
Unless you host your own email service (domain and all that type of stuff), you have to use someone else's' email service.  The only way your device can connect to that service is via the internet.  It's just a road that connects point "A" (your device) and point "B" your email service's computer.  If you don't want contacts/notes/calendar's etc., to travel that road, then you have to ensure you tell your email client (application) not to exchange (sync) that information with the email service's computer.
If you have two devices (example: computer and phone) that you want to exchange that type of information, then you have to sync those two devices "locally" via your own Wi-Fi network, blue-tooth, or a cable between the two.
By now you have realized that there are limited options for this type of local syncing as there is not a large demand ... If there's a road that leads to your destination already built, then why try to build your own?  Just use the internet.
Windows advantage:
Modern Windows devices (eg. Lumia) sync information far more efficiently and automatically than any other operating systems ... they speak the same language and don't need a third party (application) to translate.
For modern Windows devices: Phone/Tablet/Phablet/Laptop/Desktop/Computer ... If you allow each of them to sync with your email service's computer, they will all be in sync.  In addition, any type of file on any windows device (not just email) can be sync'd with a service provider's computer.  Many devices but content is the same on all ... it's awesome. 
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It's been a couple years now ... are you more comfortable with the term "cloud"?
Still don't use the "cloud"  Have no need for it, and don't like my info in the cloud.  I know how email works, etc, doesn't mean I need to have my personal addresses, notes, and the like in the cloud to use email.
I use AutoSync to sync my contact from my phone to my laptop (Outlook) now, and have been doing it that way for years and years without the cloud, and don't plan on changing.  Why?  Why fix what isn't broke.
So I found a way without the internet, and guess what, sometimes a person doesn't have access to the internet, long power outage as an example.   I sync locally, and it works fine for me.
I also don't have a data plan, which I really like.  I like getting away from data and being connected,  2 weeks camping, no wifi, no data, perfect to me.
Glad you like it the way you do it, but it doesn't make it any more right or wrong over the way I like to do it.   Thanks for the info