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Rogers unlocked HTC Windows Phone 8x, Koodo SIM, Internet sharing (tethering) not working

I have an HTC Windows Phone 8x that was once locked to the Rogers network.  I unlocked the phone so that it could accept a Koodo SIM card.  The phone is running Windows Phone 8.1 operating system.

I configured the internet APN and MIMS such that the phone calls, messaging, picture messaging, and data connection all work perfectly.  I am currently up to date on paying my phone bill.

However, whenever I try to turn on internet sharing (tethering), I get the following error message:

"Connection not shared

There's no mobile data connection to share at the moment.  Check your mobile settings and signal, and try again."

This message occurs despite the fact that I have a strong signal, and that the mobile data is working fine on the phone.

Why is this happening?

This might be a red herring, but it could be an important sign, so I will tell you this.  Sometimes when I wake up the phone, I find that there is no service, even in areas when I always get a strong signal.  When these episodes occur, service restores to maximum strength within 10-15 seconds of awakening the phone.  This happens maybe 1 in 10 times that I wake up the phone.  This never used to happen when I was on the Rogers network.

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Make sure that "duns" appears under APN type, as per chad Burr:


It may be greyed out or not appear, depending on phone model and plan

Hi Bob,

On my Windows Phone 8.1, there is no option to select the APN type.
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Hey JoeDick,

The original pre-set APN cannot be modified but it is possible to create a new one. Have you tried these steps?

For Internet
Choose Settings
Then Mobile Network
And Add Internet APN

Enter the next APN settings:
APN: sp.koodo.com
Username: Leave blank
Password: Leave blank
Proxy server (URL) : Leave blank
Proxy port: Leave blank
IP Type: IPv4v6

Choose Settings
Then Mobile Network

Enter the next MMS APN settings:
APN: sp.koodo.com
Username: Leave blank
Password : Leave blank
WAP gateway (URL) :
WAP gateway port: 80
MMSC (URL): http://aliasredirect.net/proxy/koodo/mmsc
Maximum MMS size: Leave blank
IP Type: IPv4v6

then SAVE

Can you please check if your APN settings match this and, if not, make the adjustments?

Let us know if this worked out ! Thanks!