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Problems with my lumia. Help!

Had a lumia 520 for about 3 months now. Got a few apps on it like vine, instagram, facebook, twitter etc. lately it has started crashing as in the phone going black screen and then turning back on like I took the battery out. Anyone know what I should do or is experiencing this as well with their lumia 520?

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Have you updated the software of the phone at all lately? Or updated any apps lately?
My phone and my apps are all up to date
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Check the battery contacts and make sure they aren't damaged in any way. Make sure the battery is fitting snugly The 520 has had very minimal issues since it was launched judging by the number of posts we get about it so it's odd that you're having issues. If the battery seems fine search Google for a similar issue and possible solution Finally contact koodo for troubleshooting and possible in warranty reconditioning. EDIT: Found this interesting with suggestions such as turning the device off for 5 minutes a day to placing a piece of card under the battery. http://forums.wpcentral.com/nokia-lumia-520/241621-nokia-lumia-520-restarting-itself.html