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Now Koodo needs a self serve app and widget for Windows Phone!

Make a Window Phone Koodo Self Serve App and Widget.

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Agreed, but they would likely need to have a decent amount of windows phone sold to create one an with the lowly(still great low end device) 520 they likely won't sell to many. Also the Widget would be a Live tile and Lockscreen support for a WP device
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I'm sure they are trying to work on the Windows version. It hasn't been that long since the iOS, Android and Blackberry version came out.
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Thank you for your idea! We did the math and found that there's a substantial cost behind developing the app and we currently don't have enough customers on the Windows phone to build a case for it. For this reason, a Self Serve app for Windows is not currently planned in 2013. Never say never, though 🙂 In the meantime, I would encourage you to use http://selfserve.koodomobile.com which is a mobile optimized version of self serve. Thanks again!