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Nokia Lumia 520 model number

I'm looking forward to getting the Nokia Lumia 520 since it is a steal at that price. I was wondering if someone from Koodo could confirm if the model number of the 520 that Koodo will be in stock is RM-915 or RM-917? Also, will colours other than black be available soon? many thanks!

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Hello Ringo, Koodo cannot release any information on a phone that hasn't been released yet. It appears that Koodo, according to the website, will only offer black on initial stock.
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I take it your not an actual Koodo customer and just looking to buy the phone to bring it to another carrier? Everything is exactly the same with all the versions other than compatible frequencies and from looking at those specs I'd think that it's the 915 since the 917 is a T-Mo variant.
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It can't be RM-917, as that variant is branded as Lumia 521.