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nokia 520 shutting down

3 MONTH OLD nokia 520 shutting down. I have had in for repair twice in last month but still has same problem.Koodo wants me to send in again.they were absolutely no help when i called....none!!

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Ack! Sorry to hear that, Gary! What did you expect Koodo to help you with (other than repair your 520 again)? I do agree with you that it's no fun having a phone repaired TWICE and then have the same problem 😞
Possibly try to get a new battery. Its the only thing that I can think of. You can receive a free one by contacting Koodo Customer service by calling 1-866-995-6636 from any phone or *611 from any Koodo Mobile phone.
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Steven wrote:

Possibly try to get a new battery. Its the only thing that I can think of. You can receive a free...

Is this something new? Free batteries?
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From the looking around it seems like it might be an issue with the battery connectors. Lumia 520 is frequently shutting down This might void out the warranty if you mess things up, maybe point this out if you do send it in the next time. If you do send it away and still have issues after the 3rd time you can likely get the device exchanged
going to send away one more time.I would expect Koodo to offer to replace after not being able to repair twice. .not an answer like "we can't do anything because it's a prepaid, so you need to bring back to the kiosh you purchased at". The phone is only 3 mths old...
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Not saying that Koodo wouldn't do anything for you (you would most likely have to call in to see if they'll do anything) part of the problem here is Nokia is in charge of the warranty on the phone. Koodo is simply the middle man in this, and send your phone off to Nokia (or one of their authorized service centres) to be fixed. In this Koodo is responsible for providing access to the network/service on your phone. Again not saying Koodo won't do anything for you but a call to them is the best bet.