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No network

  • 13 February 2014
  • 4 replies

I was wondering if there were any issues with service today. My phone was dead, I turned it on. Service went to emerg only. No network found. I have windows Nokia Lumia 920.

4 replies

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Try Settings > cellular > highest network level set to LTE or 3G. Also ensure Airplane mode isn't on. Were you getting service before? Are your bills up to date? Are you on spending limit program? Have you tried taking out the SIM card for a little bit, turning off the phone, and then putting it back in?
Map of Koodo network
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Map of Koodo network koodomobile.com > Support > Coverage > Coverage Maps
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Map of Koodo network Hi Dianna,

I'll be a little more helpful and actually give you the direct link for your inquiry. Use this link to be brought directly there.