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More superphones on Koodo?

Hey guys Koodo forum noob here, i was just wondering though, what is everyones opinion on having more superphones avaliable on tab to us Koodo customers. we have devices such as the galaxy s2x and galaxy sIII avaliable to us on tab now (woot) but what Phones such as the HTC one X and LG Optimus G? and even newer phones like the Droid DNA? as a loyal Koodo customer of 3 years i think it's time we get the superphones we want.

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I'd personally love it, however it doesn't seem to be part of Koodo's plans. They tend to catter to the "average" consumer wanting a good device, but for a good price which are more in the mid-range category of Android phones, not the "Super phones". Or they get the previous year's "Super phones" at a reduced price similar to Virgin in the US.
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What an un-biased selection of phones...lol
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What an un-biased selection of phones...lolI can see that Koodo and Samsung are in a good relationship... lots of Samsung phones are being sold but I'm not complaining. Samsung makes great phones. But to respond to your idea, I think it would be nice if Koodo got some superphones to offer but like what John said, most Koodo customers want a good phone but for a good price. Especially with the tab, superphones can get a bit pricey since the tab only covers $150.
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We're in the business of launching phones, but we can't satisfy the masses all the time 😉 This is why we encourage those with specific tastes to bring unlocked phones to our network. I know that we say this a lot but considering the added value of our plans and impressive network it's a great compromise, check out the details here: http://koo.do/JKw568.