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Lumia 550

  • 1 January 2016
  • 5 replies

Any chance Koodo will be getting another affordable Windows phone (like the 550) in the future?

5 replies

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Most likely not as Windows phones were not the best selling phones but keep a look out on Koodo's facebook page for announcements on new releases
Koodo will carry whatever phones they can get a good deal on from the manufactures. Therefore the phones offered by Koodo are subject to change without notice .... You'll have to check their site on a regular basis. Note: The most coast effective way to get a windows phone is via the Microsoft store online, or WalMart online (USA site, not Canada).
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Here's your best Windows deal at the moment due to the sale price:

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The bottom line is that Canada is the most neglected nation with regards to Windows Phone.  The only devices you will find in Canada now are direct from the Microsoft store as previously mentioned.

The best deal currently is the 640 LTE from AT&T in the US and you can find them at BestBuy, Walmart, Microsoft store in the US.  You can unlock these phones for FREE - I am using one right now.

Regarding the 550, apparently it is coming to Canada, but WP10 has been delayed a bit until early 2016.  When the 550 does release it will almost certainly only be available via CDN Microsoft store.  Keep in mind the 550 also uses the nano-SIM format, vs the 640 series which is still micro-SIM.

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The Lumia 550 (unlocked) is now available directly from the Microsoft store in Canada: