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Lumia 435 won't charge

  • 20 December 2015
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I bought a prepaid Lumia 435 September of this year. Recently I noticed I would plug it in at night when I go to bed with anywhere from 5%-15% battery life and when I wake up at least 7 hours, if not more, it'd be only 80%-90% charged. Last night my phone sat on the charger and I woke up with 20% and it sat on the charger all day and fluctuated between 23%-34%. I'm a prepaid customer and I don't know if the same rules as restrictions apply for prepaid customers as they do monthly customers? My mom had that problem with her Samsung through Koodo and they gave her a loaner, sent hers away for repairs and she received it back within two days... Can I expect he same courtesy with my phone?

5 replies

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When you plug it in give a little wiggle youll hear a "beep-beep" I have to do this if I use the adapter for my 520, if I use the PC USB cable to charge its no issue. Also Ive found if you have a cord from another manufacturer that fits (I use an HTC and BB cord) it seems to work better than the stock MS/Nokia USB cord
I have to wiggle it when I connect it or it'll continuously connect and disconnect making the beeping noise. The charger I got with the phone doesn't even charge it anymore, i have to use one of my moms Samsung wall chargers. The blackberry wall charger I tried it didn't even recognize it. It's been plugged in literally all day and I have 26% right now. I even tried a car charger, nothing.
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If 3rd party and the wiggle fails RMS it. I was afraid of this when MS took over production control from Nokia. If you have your receipt go to place of purchase (if was an actual Koodo kiosk/store) and explain that its failing to hold a charge. Omit the mention of 3rd party use. You know, I know everybody knows it doesnt matter but companies use it to deny responsibility. So you ONLY USED THE MS SUPPLIED Parts. This is very important MS is notorious for voiding warranties for using 3rd party hardware. Koodo is pretty good and Im sure will help you make it right
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Sounds like the charging port is damaged. This damage is not covered by the manufacturers warranty. If you have access to a landline or friends phone, call 1-866-995-6636 and request a return mailer to send the phone in for repair, you can also ask about a loaner phone. There's a $75 deposit for what I gather is a basic flip phone and a $150 deposit if you need a smartphone. The deposit is fully refundable provided the loaner comes back in good working order.

Warranty - Prepaid
Perfect, good to know. Thank you very much!