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losing charge too quickly on my 2 year-old Samsung Galaxy ACE

Hi there my samsung galaxy ACE was doing fine until a week or so again when it started losing charge rapidly when i texted or called. I keep the phone on almost all the time. overnight too as it's my only phone and it keeps its charge over night when i'm not using it but during the day i have to fully charge it several times to keep using it. The internet is blocked on the phone so i don't think i have downloaded anything cumbersome. is there any other possible answer besides that i need a new battery?

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The battery is probably finished. They usually don't last forever. You can pickup a new battery online. I suggest eBay as you'll get a reasonable price. HOWEVER Your Ace is really old (released in 2011) and the technology has improved substantially, You owe it to yourself to check out devices like the Motorola Moto G or the Nokia Lumia 635. They are MILES ahead in terms of function, screen clarity, battery life, network speed. Because both devices are so advanced they could likely last you the two years you got out of your ACE. I could go on and on Moto G: https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/android/moto-g/prodKHMOXT1032.html Nokia Lumia 635: https://shop.koodomobile.com/koodo-cell-phones/windows/nokia-lumia-635/prodKLNOK635BK.html If you originally got your ACE on a tab you may even have credit enough by now to get one of those for nothing out of pocket. If you still owe on your tab, you can easily pay it off on your next bill and use the tab credit right now to order a new device. if there is a walmart, future shop, best buy, or a Koodo Kiosk nearby, I'd suggest you take a trip and see whats available. You might even get some cash (not much) if you trade in your ACE or at the very least let them recycle it for you.
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Depends what are you using if rong charge addtper may in result in a bamge battery or won't charge at all make shour you know what your phone oppreating this will if doset may you need new battery call koodo