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Launch the 41 Megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020!

Koodo! You need to launch more phones, that's no secret. The competition has a vast selection compared to your current offerings. I believe a good place to start on building your selection would be the Nokia Lumia 1020. I believe this is a good choice because of several reasons such as it's 41 Megapixel camera. There are more and more people who want some serious photography ability out of their phones and this out performs every phone on the market. Also, it is Nokia and people like Nokia. It has a reputation for being being well built and reliable as well as well performing. I may be wrong, but I also believe this would be the first Nokia to your selection. Finally, it is a Windows phone and I believe people would want to try it if only it was made available. It is a great operating system and really finishes the phone off. I firmly believe this would be the right choice in building your selection of available phones. Thanks!

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I heartily concur. I would jump at the chance to purchase a Lumia 1020 through Kodoo.