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Koodo customer service sucks!

  • 26 October 2013
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Hi: I posted this question already, but the problem persists. I have a replacement phone from Koodo, because the first one they gave me stopped working 13 months after I got it. I now have a Nokia Lumia 520. When I try to recover my voice messages, the phone allows me to go to voice messages and as soon as I have that screen, the visual display disappears, but the audio continues. This makes it difficult to guess where the keypad is located and enter my password. The phone did not come with an instructional manual and Koodo customer service has not helped at all. I downloaded the manual, but the manual does not address my problem. HELP! My mailbox is full.

5 replies

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You actually have to keep the phone next to your ear. There is a sensor that lights up the display when you take the phone away from your ear. Keep in mind, Visual Voicemail is only available for iPhones.
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When my phone get dark while listening the audio, I just tap the screen. The screen come back and you can enter the password.
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Can't you just press the home button to make the screen light up again? It's automatically doing that because of the settings. If you turn off like "turn screen off if there is no activity for this period of time/minutes" then you won't have that issue.
Check in your settings for how soon the display goes to sleep - change it to a couple minutes of inactivity.
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Since you didn't answer on the previous thread I'll try again. Do you have a screen protector on the device? I've seen that sometimes cause issues with the proximity sensor especially if there's dust or anything under the protector at the top of the screen.