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is this plan 15$ a month?

plan price is not mentioned it just says 15$ a month. Clarification please!

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https://www.koodomobile.com/phones/htc-one-m8 this is the website.
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That's not the plan price. That's actually paying off the phone every month. You take up to $360 off the device (and in this case an additional credit for activating with the Tab to make it $0). That amount gets divided by 24 months and added on top of the plan you pick from to pay it back. If you ever want to leave/upgrade, pay the Tab, and that's it.
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This is the cost of the phone, Alex. Koodo shows clearly to their customers how much each device themselves cost. 
The rate plans are separated and under a different web page 


reason being is you may choose which ever plan you wish to go with regardless of the phone. Now if you're getting the phone on a Tab, you'd be looking at the Tab rate plans. If you're getting a phone on the "Tab Plus" you'll need to go with one of the Tab Plus rate plans.