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Is there any way for me to send messages online without using my phone?

[b]My friend needs to send messages to lots of Chinese phone number, probably for business purpose. The problem is that my friend lives in China, I live in Canada and helps him get this prepaid SIM card. We know that Koodo has a $15 prepaid plan including unlimited international messages but how can he send SMS with his computer or with any website or with any app in China while the SIM card remains staying in my pocket? Any solution for this problem? Pls let me know

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I use a [b]ADD ON extension in Google Chrome called [b]Mighty Text.

This allows me to send SMS texts from my computer nut it sends via my phone..... but I am not sure that this is the fix you are looking for.  
SIM cards are a phones individual OPERATIONAL IDENTIFICATION on networks and need to be read by the phone & network that is being used.

Hope this helps a bit!
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On Koodo he can only send text if the phone is in Canada. He will have to find another solution.

Mighty Text computer link has to be on same wi-fi network as the phone, so no help if he's overseas. Has to work through an active phone.

Both of you should be made aware that sending unsolicited material electronically from Canada could get you in trouble and probably violate Koodo's terms of service.

:((((((((( is there any other solution......plz tell me, i am not pretty good on computer so idk that much about web or apps...
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Try DeskSMS? This guide could help. http://www.greenbot.com/article/2102552/4-android-apps-that-put-sms-on-your-desktop.html
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If your friend sends more than a couple hundred messages an hour through koodo's network, his texting privileges will be blocked for spamming.