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Is the Lumia 640 coming to Koodo?

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With Microsoft ramping up to the release of Windows 10, is there any chance that Koodo will be getting any of the new Microsoft Lumia phones? Specifically, I would like to see the 640XL.

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I wouldn't expect to see it in Koodo's lineup however if Koodo decides to carry it, it will be announced on their website/facebook page so you will have to keep checking there. Until Koodo announces a device, they will not talk or even speculate about it.
You could just get a Telus phone and use it for Koodo as I am doing with my 520 ( Telus is the sister company to Koodo ) . I am also looking forward to getting an upgraded Lumina 640XL...
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I could, but Telus doesn't carry the Lumia 640 yet either.
The 640 looks like a good step up from the 520, without the cost of higher-end devices (I feel I'd like the 830, but the 640 looks like a good middle ground). I'd suggest the Microsoft store (http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msca/en_CA/home/) but they don't have the 640 listed. There are a number of other models available there though, some unlocked and others for Telus which should work on Koodo.