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I still have a balance but it says I am out of minutes?

Help - my phone is dead

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Do you need to possibly go into self serve and purchase a talk booster (more minutes)
Hi Paul,
I have a really cheap base plan, $15 per month.  I brought my own phone so I get 10% credited back in minutes.  The plan renewed on July 13.

It says I still have a balance of $27.00 but no minutes left?  It does not really make sense to me.

Thanks for your help with this.

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AFAIK the balance in your account just goes to renew your baseplan. You have to buy your boosters separately, but these can be paid for from your balance, a voucher or credit card top-up.

You base plan is like your regular car licensing fee. How much gas you want to refill your tank with is your own decision, not automatic, and is a separate issue.

Hope that analogy makes sense.