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I need a phone I live in Simcoe, ON do you think I can get on with bad credit

  • 20 July 2015
  • 4 replies

I need a phone but have bad credit and I live in Simcoe, ON

4 replies

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Hi there!! So if you think it is not even worth it to do a credit check and see if you are eligible or not, then you can definitely think about the prepaid services...
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No one can tell you what will happen. You actually have to go and try and see if you pass.
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Hi Murray, I'm in Simcoe too. If you are thinking koodo, Walmart does not handle anything to do with koodo. Superstore only handles koodo postpaid and does the credit check thing Camilo and Ahmad speak about. You will have to go to Brantford to the koodo kiosk at Lynden Park Mall to get prepaid. No credit check. You probably know where the other suppliers are here in Town.
I got on and I was through bankruptcy.....the worst possible credit. Rated "R1"