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how to use USB tethering Samsung Ace with XP, phone not showing

I can't figure out how to see Samsung on Windows XP, cell finally shows USB icon but nothing is happening, What do I have to do or download?

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Download Samsung Kies, it will provide all the necessary usb drivers. At this point, XP only sees the Ace as a mass storage device. Link for Kies http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/JSP
sorry for not answering and thanking you earlier, I have tried to get Kies, but it is impossible to download on dialup, it always restart and never gets more than a few KBs. So I searched on the net for another answer and found a spot for an answer, to get a simple short =tether.inf= file. I went to Add Hardware and pointed it to the inf. file and it worked. This is for anyone else, who is on dialup. Also on the Samsung Ace, after plugging it in, the USB icon comes up but have to first change in settings to USB connection and allow Debugging