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Got a call from a company John Keells 1-866-995-6636 , is it legit

Got a call from a company John Keells calling on behalf of Koodo 1-866-995-6636 , the guy said he was making me offers on my Koodo plan , he wanted to know what kind of plan I already had. I told him not interested . Is this legit, sounds like a scam to me. We already receive emails for offers , why another company who don't know all our Koodo history? By the way my text is working today.

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Hello Linda, 

It doesn't look legit. Unless it's a Koodo employee, I would trust it.
Robert, is what I thought too, doesn't sound legit. Thanks for all your help. Goodnight.  🙂
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Koodo's number is 1-866-995-6636, though it is possible to spoof it. If it was truly a Koodo employee calling - they should have your plan information available to them. If they can recite that, then I'd consider it legitimate.

Its a scam. Numbers get spoofed all the time, I went through hell once before with my own landline showing up on other people's call display for some "win a trip" scam" Read this -
KEEP IN MIND THOUGH, many phone companies, add your number to a "list" that they sell to marketers. Anyone can buy that list. I usually give phone companies a warning. "Put my number on that list and I am done doing business with you!!!!"