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expensive bill

I am signed up on $39 + $5 = $44 data plan with 400 MB data and 400 min of talk time on tab medium. My mom has a $35 + $5 = $35 talk and text with no data on tab medium plan. I have nexus 5 and my mom had a samsung note 2 for a while but then decided to change to S3. Now, she cancelled her plan with koodo so it is only me with the nexus 5 on the $44 plan. When I log into koodo self serve it still has my mom’s plan & number active even though she cancelled her plan. The bill for Jan 2014 is $106. I do not understand why it is so much? Also, my mom cancelled her plan within the first 2 weeks of signing up with koodo. Why is the bill so expensive? What should I do? Thank you.

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I would call koodo and ask them why this has happend? I wouldn't blow up at them,
But I have found that if we are nice to them, who ever them may be that will be nice to us and maybe even bless us in some way? Hope this helps you?
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maybe since it was her first bill. when did she cancel? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlXFWWepQ20