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Can some one please help me out. I want to down load music onto my galaxy 11 phone from my home computer. I have windows 7. And I don't know how to do it. If some one could help me out I would appreciate it.....but in simple terms please I am not a computer pro. Thanks Donna

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While there are other ways to download music to your device, downloading Samsung Kies is probably the simplest method. Kies will allow you to add music files or folders as well as many other functions. You must have a microSD card storage card installed before proceeding with the music transfer process. Just to confirm, do you have the Galaxy Ace 2x or the Galaxy S2x? Here's the link for the Samsung Kies download. http://www.samsung.com/ca/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/JSP
Thanks but I actually figured it out myself!!!
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Donna Vanderschaaf Welsh wrote:

Thanks but I actually figured it out myself!!!

Maybe I'm not a lost cause after all LOL!!!.To going from never having a cell phone to this mini computer has been a challenge to say the least. You guys are awesome, thanks so much for the support.
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Kies tends to be kind of finicky. I've always used usb storage mode to simply drag and drop files from the phone to the hard drive.